We help you scale up
or build your startup

AI, Computer Vision, Hardware,
Software, way more than Fullstack.

Growing businesses to Exit

What do we do?

We build technology companies

Our experts will build your team, and create your technology and infrastructure.
We focus on driving the technology business to Exit, so you only have to focus on your business.

  • Technology Developer
  • Hardware & Software
  • Agile and flexible
  • We build Startups!

Our Services

Expert Coders

We will build the software for you, with confidentiality and the best know-how in the market.

We can find your team that will follow your journey.


Need someone technical to scale-up your business?
We provide you with the best talent so they help develop your new ventures.

Software & Hardware

We work hard to ensure all our software and hardware is scalable to growth, we can build an infrastructure from the ground up or we can find a solution for you.


We start by identifying the key needs and requirements of your business or idea, from which we will create our initial review.

We will allocate the right CTO-in-residence which will be your technical management with experience to build your first demo and your technical structure.

We will build a technical team to create your product for you.

We can create your MVP and get it to production.

We work in two models, the very expensive and the equity model.

See the panel on the right for more information on our models.

Our teams work in minimum placements of 3 months on client.

We can allocate one of our teams as soon as they are available. We don't let our clients/partners down, so it might take a while.

We are always at the top of the wave, our teams come from the top technology companies and research groups.

They love the thrill of new products and are up to date on AI, Machine learning, IoT, and top hardware and software.

Although, if you are building a traditional data business or some new social network, we can probably help you by finding the right partner in the space.

We are crazy!, we build from the very bits and bytes to the cloud.

From firmware to cloud services.

From PCB design to full product manufacturing.

From a UX sketch to your UI.

From CAD design to mass production.

We are not afraid!

We call it Fullstack++

Equity Model

If you are willing to have us as partners, we are very happy to join your venture and build your technology.

The process is different if you are tight in cash or you are swimming in money.

As partners we behave more like your regular investor, so we would like to see your pitch deck and finances before investing assets into your idea or business.

We will allocate one of our experts to evaluate the technology investment required and your team capabilities. Then we will proceed with an equity offer and sort out finances.

The Expensive Model

If you already have your finances sorted out and you only need the technology, we can bill you by the hour or day as contractors with no further obligations.

Depending on compensation we will own the IP generated or we will surrender the entire development and IP to your company, effectively working as any other consultancy firm.

VC Model

We also occasionally invest capital, if you already have a team and an idea, we would love to hear from you.

Just ping us, we will listen to you!


We focus on the success of your business, and we will work tirelessly to get from your Seed to your Series A, B,... or as far as you want us to follow.

Welcome to our Blue Eight Investments

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